MacDonalds Funplace Transmogrifiers

McDonalds has giant kid-transmogrifiers, in big glass FUNPLACES where all the too-skinny kids can see them from the car.

Rival fast food companies have learned that really it only takes greasy high calorie fast-food to induce weight gain in their young customers. Who knew that today's children have a genetic predisposition to obesity and diabetes?

Helping kids discover their inner fat selves is not Ronald's only motive. Manufacturing big children not only increases corporate profits, but bulks up the market share for ALL the greasy purveyors of crap. What percentage of the shelves in your local supermarket is left over for real food?

Come Biggie-Size your Kid!
Ronald McDonalds fights the McLibel case. Happy Meals full of grease. Funhouse attracting preschoolers. Golden Arches hamburgers, cheeseburger and french fries plus biggie size fat super Burger King Wendys Hardees Arbys Taco Bell.


Giant skinny-kid transmogrifiers.