The biggest baddest SUV.

Sports Utility Vehicles are perpetraiting rear-end collisions like crazy. Why? They are too heavy! They can't stop as quickly as you.

If you are a victim, or survivor of a victim of an accident with an SUV type vehicle, SUE THE ASSHOLE!

A gun is legal to own but if you inadvertantly kill someone with it, you are guilty of manslaughter! An SUV owner knows that their vehicle will obliterate yours. If they do it, even by accident, that's manslaughter!

The new HUMMER looks like an armored car doesn't it? It IS an armored car.
I'm an asshole. I bought the latest, biggest, most indestructible SUV. No matter who collides with me I'll compress their vehicle into a bloody scrap. Of course with all this weight I have a longer braking distance. If traffic stops too quickly I plow into everybody. But -I'll plow IN SAFETY! When a top-dog preditor like me is on the road everyone else will always be vulnerable. If others want to drive more fuel-efficient, lower emmission, lighter cars, that's their funeral!


The New F**d Exterminator: built so tough all other vehicles collapse in its wake.